How Bristol’s easy access musculoskeletal clinic helps you

When you wish to seek treatment for joint pain that impedes your mobility, you need clarity about what to expect from your visit to your joint pain clinic.

At the Stadium Clinic, we believe in offering easy access to joint pain treatments covering all musculoskeletal (msk) and orthopaedic conditions. This ethos begins with being transparent about what to expect from your visit to us, so read on to find out more.

Damian Clark in the Stadium Clinic consultation room
Damian Clark in the Stadium Clinic consultation room

What is the Stadium Clinic?

Run by several of the UK’s top orthopaedic specialists, the Stadium Clinic musculoskeletal clinic offers face to face consultations for the diagnosis and pain management treatments of joint conditions.

Located in Bristol City Football Club’s Ashton Gate Stadium, the clinic is easy to access with free parking on-site and is connected to several major bus routes.

All appointments are held in private consultation rooms where you can speak candidly about your joint pain concerns with an expert who will be able to offer support.

Who is the clinic for?

Clinicians working from the Stadium Clinic help those of any age with osteoarthritis, joint and muscle problems or a sports injury to get the diagnosis and treatments they need.

Whether you experience your problem during competitive sport, at work, exercising, walking, socialising or just going about daily life, Stadium Clinic's specialists can help.

To see the full list of treatments Stadium Clinic offers, visit the relevant treatment section on our website.

The Stadium Clinic is based at Ashton Gate Stadium
The Stadium Clinic is based at Ashton Gate Stadium

How do I access your services?

The easiest way to access our services is by requesting an appointment on our website. First, find the specialist who can best help with your condition, then request an appointment with them at a date and time suitable for you. Our receptionist will then call you back to confirm your appointment slot and give you any further details.

What is the best way to treat musculoskeletal disorders?

There are musculoskeletal conditions that affect every muscle and joint in the body, and each requires a clinical diagnosis with unique treatments. The best way to find the treatment right for your condition is to request an appointment with a suitable specialist for your needs.

I’m a clinician – how do I make a referral to this service?

We accept patient referrals from clinicians via this form on our website. Please follow the guidelines on the page.

Visit our about page for more information on the musculoskeletal services offered at the Stadium Clinic musculoskeletal clinic.