About Bristol’s Fracture and orthopaedic clinic

Breaking a bone can be a worrying time. You may feel pain, be unable to move freely and feel anxious about how long it might take to recover.

In times like these, knowing that expert help is readily available can be of great comfort and help you achieve a positive mindset to make a quick return to health

That’s why we created the Stadium Clinic as one of Bristol’s easy to access fracture and orthopaedic clinics.

When you break a bone or suspect a fracture, whether that be from daily life or a sports injury, our specialist will find the correct treatment for you to make a recovery.

What is the Stadium Clinic?

Our goal at the Stadium Clinic is to help patients seeking treatment from a fracture and orthopaedic clinic achieve maximum mobility and a return to health. Based a short distance from the city centre in the Ashton Gate stadium, we provide patients access to the latest medical technology and treatments for acute fractures and orthopaedic conditions.

What do they do at a fracture clinic?

Specialists at the Stadium Clinic can provide diagnoses in our private consultation rooms and recommend you for further treatment in other health facilities. In addition, they can give you access to bone imaging, blood tests, digital X-rays, musculoskeletal ultrasound, digital foot pressure analysis, ECG, and MRI scans.

Who works at the Stadium Clinic?

Several of the UK’s best physical and orthopaedic specialists work from the Stadium Clinic to ensure that patients move from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation smoothly and quickly.

Whatever your musculoskeletal challenges – competitive sport, exercise, work, walking, socialising or just going about daily life – the surgeons who work at The Stadium Clinic offer a wide range of treatments to support your activity level.

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